Clinebell S-35 Snow Cone Block Maker

35 Bag Snow Cone Block Maker. Self-Contained with Attached Bag Fill Device

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Produces 35 blocks of ice per day. “Produce HARD FROZEN Block of Ice for Snow Cone Ice Shavers” Allows you to freeze HARD FROZEN blocks of ice in Polyethylene bags. No circulating pump. No ice cans needed.

  • The 1 hp condensing unit is mounted underneath the cabinet.
  • The bag fill device is attached to the side of the cabinet for a more compact and efficient process.
  • Bags of water are placed between refrigerated plates inside the cabinet for freezing. Thirty-five bags can be filled with water and loaded into the cabinet in 15 minutes or less, by one person.
  • Thirty-five 10-lb. (4.54 kg) blocks of ice are produced each day using one 1 hp condensing unit.
  • The process provides a more cost effective and sanitary end product.
  • The 5.5″ sq. (13.97 sq cm)block of ice fits most snow cone block ice shavers.
  • A HARD FROZEN block of ice isn’t likely to “blow-up” in the ice shaver.
  • The compact cabinet size allows placement in almost any location.


  • Cabinet Dimensions: 65.5″W x 37.5″D x 41″H (166.37 x 95.25 x 104.14 cm).
  • Cabinet Weight: 500 lbs. (226.79 kg).
  • Cabinet constructed of galvanized steel.
  • Includes one 1 hp condensing unit, 230 V/1/60.
  • Includes one single bag fill device.
  • Final dimensions: 5.5″W x 5.5″D x 10″H. 13.97 x 13.97 x 25.4 cm).
  • S35 includes: One 1hp 220 volt condensing unit, 35 “L” shaped dividers, 1 single station bag fill device.


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